You're never too old to play 'soldiers'! Dodge exploding pellets and gun down the enemy in simulated skirmishes. Not only is paintballing great fun, it'll test your skills of endurance, quick-thinking, leadership and teamwork. You'll be running around purpose built imaginative 'battle-fields'. Whichever battle you're thrown into, you can be sure of an amazing day of paint-filled fun! To ensure your safety and enjoyment you will be given tuition and supervised by friendly marshals throughout the day. Some packages also provide a snack and a 1-night stay for a group booking of 20 pax. Get your teams together and have a great time pumping out those pellets at speeds of more than 300 feet per second.

Test your skills of endurance, leadership, and teamwork as you duck and weave through SEVVR’s purpose-built half-acre battlefield! Scramble for cover, tag your opponents in a game of elimination or capture the flag—all under the watchful eye of SEVRR’s friendly marshals, who provide tuition and safety demonstrations prior to play.