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Tuesday, 27 August 2019 15:08

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Play Hard. Get Dirty. Have Fun!

Malaysia’s largest eco-concept resort and outdoor recreation centre, Ecoventure is the perfect place to get dirty, blow off some steam and have a great time with your group. We provide an amazing environment to explore and enjoy nature, whether you’re in a school group or coming with your workmates.

Our ideal is to create as much fun, inspiration and enjoyment as possible without destroying our environment. Recyclable materials are used everywhere and every last inch of our resort has been designed with minimal ecological impact in mind. We aim to prove that respect for nature and having fun are totally compatible!


Who Loves the Ecoventure?

The Semenyih Ecoventure project hosts team building events, family days, weddings, outdoor sports, international sports competitions, and anyone else who loves adventure!
Since we opened, hundreds of people have had an amazing time with us. We hope you’ll come along and play hard, get dirty, and have fun!


Who likes to get Dirty?

We do! Spending time in nature is vitally important to good mental and physical health. Getting dirty is good for you, it is official!

Getting together with your work mates away from work might sound like a particularly specific hell, but that’s not what people who come here say. There are so many activities, you can pick and choose something you all love and when the play is over, you can take some time to yourself and enjoy our beautiful scenery.


20 Acre Outdoor Space!

You’ll love our huge outdoor facility, it is got fishing (compete or just take it easy), kayaking (or build your own raft!), jungle trekking, outdoor sports, and even a waterfall!

Children have an amazing time with us at the Ecoventure. If you’re willing to let your inner child take the wheel for a while, you’ll have an amazing time exploring and being inspired by all the cool stuff to do. Not feeling so inclined? Don’t worry, there’s so much to do, from relaxing lakeside soirees to paintballing.


45 Minutes Away

Take a break away from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur at the Semenyih Ecoventure resort. A short ride will take you from metropolitan madness to our quiet and beautiful escape. What could be better than leaving it all behind and having a whale of a time doing whatever you please?

Work is stressful. Getting along with your workmates can be difficult sometimes. When groups come to play with us here, they always leave closer and friendlier, which is what we all want. Going through adversity together (think paintballing – nothing is like getting shot at!) is a brilliant way of establishing camaraderie. Forget all those dull corporate retreats, the Ecoventure offers a get-away with soul, dirt, and ridiculous amounts of fun.


Natural Adrenaline

Come be with nature. Come to push your boundaries. Come to learn about nature, and in so doing learn about yourself. Come and have fun, does it need to be more than that?

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